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Directories with Blue Relay

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Easily Improve Member Experience while Reducing Costs with Blue Relay Provider Directories

Keeping Provider Directories up to date is critical to creating a positive member experience. That experience can be improved by offering members the provider information they need, with current information and local in-plan providers. Members can access these directories online through a web portal or use their personalized, printed directory, all without creating a maintenance burden for the payer.

Consider Your Current Provider Directory Program

  • Do members receive full, phone book-sized directories with high costs of production and delivery?
  • Are you frequently generating and delivering change pages that are costly for you and difficult to navigate and understand for members?
  • Do your data sources for providers contain inaccuracies that are difficult to identify and update?
  • Are common data updates done manually or automated to avoid human error or oversight?

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“The Blue Relay software allowed for us to easily replace our manual and time-consuming document management processes with an automated and more efficient technical solution.”

Director of Medicare Operations, Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan

Our Clients’ Experience

  • Improvement in Member Experience & Satisfaction
  • Provide members online access to the directory through the web browser (or device) of their choice without additional administration and maintenance.
  • Reduction in the Size of Member Provider Directories
  • Elimination of the Use of Change Pages for Provider Directory updates
  • Significant Savings for Print & Postage Costs
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