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Cloud-Native Solutions

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Offer new services and create new revenue streams by building cloud native solutions.

When you want to create new offerings, without investment in older applications, a cloud native strategy allows you to innovate and fully take advantage of cloud offerings.

A cloud native strategy takes full advantage of cloud delivery models resulting in faster releases, simpler infrastructure management, improved reliability, better scalability and lower costs through containerization, serverless compute, microservices and DevOps practices.

  • Lower your costs to build new features and offerings
  • Improve your responsiveness to market dynamics
  • Focus your efforts on development, instead of managing infrastructure
  • Embed security and compliance into your software delivery process
  • Energize your workforce with opportunities to upskill

Application Modernization

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Enhance existing applications to deliver better experiences and increase return on investment.

When you want to enhance applications strategic to your business by moving to the cloud and leveraging its capabilities.

Application modernization results in the ability to offer new features, improve operations, address security and compliance requirements, and reduce costs by making use of cloud technologies that enhance your existing applications.

  • Improve your compatibility with new technologies and platforms
  • Reduce your risk by removing infrastructure components that are incompatible with modern security standards
  • Lower your costs of maintaining legacy applications by reducing technical debt
  • Increase your competitiveness by accessing capabilities available in the cloud
  • Increase your productivity by leveraging cloud delivery models

Hybrid Cloud-Integration

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Integrate on-premise, private cloud and public cloud to create a unified and flexible distributed environment.

When you want to use cloud technologies while needing to keep some of your data and applications on-premises.

A hybrid-cloud strategy enables step by step modernization. It allows the shifting, improving and replacing of applications that makes sense for your business and technology roadmap.

  • Maintain security and regulatory compliance within your selected environment
  • Apply API abstraction to integrate your legacy applications with modern technologies
  • Increase operational scalability by migrating your heavy and variable workloads to the cloud
  • Foster your innovation with cloud development environments
  • Improve your disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities

Read the McKinsey Report that discusses the challenges and opportunities to unlock cloud’s full potential.

DevOps Services

A successful cloud solution needs to bring business, development, and operation teams together and working in harmony.

We can help establish a build and release process for your teams that integrates your compliance, security and delivery needs.

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Cloud Cost Management

Cloud costs can add up quickly without implementing a strategy to monitor, govern and forecast your usage.

We can help by giving you cost visibility and implementing cost governance as part of your delivery model.

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Cloud Data Services

Data is a key pillar to cloud transformation. Every digital interaction produces a data point that holds valuable insights.

We can help you drive value creation using data-driven cloud solutions.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Cloud-Native Development

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Application Refactoring

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Microservices Architecture

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Serverless Computer

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Multi-Region High Availability

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How We Work Together


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We provide cross functional teams with expertise in cloud infrastructure & software architecture, DevOps, cloud development, big data, analytics & machine learning, IT project management, and user experience design.

Committed Partner

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We provide teams to work on projects with success evaluated by achieving business objectives instead of individual output. Our staff is 95% full time employees located near our Toronto headquarters to provide skilled, trained and highly collaborative teams.

Adaptable Delivery

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We can provide either standalone teams with all the skills required or hybrid teams that work with your resources providing expertise in specific areas. Teams can also change composition as activities dictate during the engagement.

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