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We’re looking for individuals who embrace complexity as a challenge, accelerate innovation with conviction, and view diversity as an advantage. If that’s you, we’re glad you’re here.

Experienced Teams

Our teams are experienced, collaborative, and diverse. Managers are technical and supportive. We also like each other, most employees list their team mates as the best part of Indellient!

Flexible Work Modes

We believe in work life balance. We have flexible core hours & flexible work modes from fully remote, fully in office, or a hybrid model. Vacation time is provided, and we expect you to use it!

Growth & Development

Learn the latest techniques and tools in the business. We provide reimbursements for courses, programs and certifications so you can continue to grow your career with us.

Client Success

With 15+ years in the business our clients trust us. Being a part of Indellient is an opportunity to work with one of our many clients, including mid-size to Fortune 100 companies.

Our Hiring Process

HR Screening to talk about the role and Indellient.


HR Screening

Remote interview with a member of the HR team to talk about Indellient and the role.


Technical Round

Remote interview with Hiring Manager and team member to talk about the role and technical alignment.

Remote technical interview to discuss about the role and alignment.
Remote interview to talk about cultural alignment.


Culture Fit

Remote interview with 2 Indellient employees to talk about Cultural alignment.


Reference Check

In case your qualifications match our needs for the role, our team will get back to you with the offer and a request to check your references.

We will perform a reference check if your qualifications matches our needs.

Meet the Team!

Visit our About Us Page to learn more about our Team and our Company.

What employees are saying?

Jose Romasanta

Jose Romasanta

Technical Team Lead
7+ Years at Indellient

Aesees Bakhshi

Aesees Bakhshi

Software Development Manager
9+ Years at Indellient

Jason Kuffour

Jason Kuffour

Software Developer
4+ Years at Indellient

Skyler De Francesca

Skyler De Francesca

Sr Software Developer
4+ Years at Indellient

I joined Indellient seven years ago as a Junior Software Developer. Today, I’m a Technical Team Lead. Indellient has always supported me to grow my career and expertise by giving me opportunities such as awarding challenges and terrific mentorship. I am very thankful for Indellient’s work flexibility options since it allows me to balance career and personal life as a new father.

Nine years ago, I joined Indellient as a Junior Developer. Today, I am a Technical Lead and Software Development Manager on various projects. I’m most proud of the work I did spearheading development and architectural decisions of an enterprise cloud solution that integrated modern technologies with legacy systems and serviced 100K+ active users worldwide through multiple web applications and endpoints.

I joined Indellient four years ago, fresh out of university, as an Automated Software Tester on the Product team. While on this team, the technical knowledge and expertise I acquired over the years allowed me to evolve into a seasoned Full-Stack Developer with experience in a broad range of technologies and effective client communication. Indellient provided me with a conducive environment in which I could rapidly develop and learn new skills relevant in today’s industry.

Indellient is a very enjoyable place to work! After almost four years I have gained a lot of confidence as a developer and have been given ample opportunity to grow as a leader. As a Senior Developer I am given the freedom and tools necessary to complete any challenge that comes my way. Indellient is truly a great place to learn and grow!

Perks and Benefits

Vacation Time

All full-time employees receive paid time off and flexible holidays we expect you to use!


Attractive wellness and fitness package with extended health coverage that kicks in day one! No waiting necessary.

Work Modes

In-office, remote, or hybrid, our goal is to ensure flexibility while promoting collaboration, and work-life balance.

Professional Development

Reimbursements for conferences, certifications, and related education courses.

Get Social

Monthly optional social events online and in-person: potlucks, video games, and volunteering.

RRSP & 401K

Indellient offers RRSP & 401k matching program, to invest in you and your future.

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