The Hottest DevOps Trends in 2019


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What does the future hold for DevOps in 2019? We’ll discuss our predictions as to where DevOps is headed this year in this post.

The DevOps software market will experience a whopping rise from $2.9 billion to $6.6 billion in 2022, say latest estimates from IDC. DevOps is also likely to remain one of the most popular tech jobs with more SysAdmins joining the workforce in 2019. It’s safe to say that “DevOps” is no longer a buzzword and the once overlooked software development methodology is experiencing tremendous growth.

Let’s explore the trends that will transform the industry, even more, this year.

DevOps teams will work more closely with data teams

Because DevOps involves infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, continuous integration and deployment, testing and monitoring, and data science uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data – these two fields of thought are often separated. Until now.

We expect to see AI and data science experts working more closely with DevOps teams in 2019 to deliver increased efficiencies and greater insights into the software delivery and testing process. After all, they both have the ability to learn patterns, anticipate problems, suggest solutions and dramatically transform an organization.

There will be more emphasis on cloud and containers

We’ll see an increased dominance of cloud services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Enterprises will continue to utilize a combination of configuration management and container technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, to fully automate infrastructure management as well.

More professionals will be comfortable in leveraging containers this year and reap the rewards, such as:

  • easily and reliably running applications on different environments
  • using up fewer resources
  • decreasing technical issues
  • unlocking operational simplicity and speed

Application automation

One of the trends that we’ll see emerge more prominently in the coming year is the concept of application automation and orchestration. There has been a lot of focus over the past few years on container orchestration, but this is looking at the problem from an application-centric point of view without making decisions about where the application itself is going to run until closer to deploy time.

Being infrastructure agnostic (having your applications run on any computer operating system) will be of even more importance in 2019. Organizations will focus on what they know best, which is building applications in the industry they are experts in, and not have to worry as much about where and how the applications are run, managed and deployed.

This will also help lower the DevOps adoption hurdle for organizations who are finding it difficult to implement and maintain a variety of technologies that make up traditional DevOps pipelines.

DevOps will be bigger and better in 2019!

One thing’s for sure, the impact DevOps will make across organizations in 2019 will be profound. Watch the video below to learn the trends most anticipated from industry leaders.

Are You Ready for a DevOps Transformation?

While software continues to eat the world at an ever-increasing pace with DevOps, the challenges and struggles of companies implementing DevOps is very real. We all can overcome these challenges by working together, improving our tools, processes, knowledge and training our workforce.

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