Major FinTech Firm Achieves DevOps Transformation During Strategic Shift

Siraj Rauff
DevOps Specialist

Image with a world map made up of light blue circles in the background, with the logo for Global Fintech over it


Migrating a large number of business critical application servers  with configuration errors, to a new ‘gold standard’ architecture.


A DevOps strategy to automate the configuration and deployment of application servers into a new, compliant infrastructure.


Full visibility into environments and complete adherence to compliance standards, mitigated a host of security and performance risks.

Global FinTech Adopts DevOps

A global fintech firm providing a range of services to help their clients improve their efficiency, grow revenue, manage risk, and engage their clients. As part of their service model, they handle millions of trades a day.

The Challenge

After a recent acquisition, the company was developing a new division as a result of the merger. This growth required a largescale technology build which included expanding their data center resulting in the need for additional application servers. As a fintech company, security, accuracy and speed are essential for continuous success. As such, the new application servers must achieve the same ‘gold standard’ that their existing infrastructure attained. This was no small feat. As the company began to migrate their servers, it was critical to solve against misconfiguration issues because of human error tendencies. The team needed a solution that would guarantee success.

The Solution

Indellient provided an automated solution to fully verify that the new infrastructure met compliance and the ‘gold standard’ the company was seeking. Under tight deadlines, our team aligned the skills necessary to implement the verification in order to meet their migration initiatives.


Creating an inventory of the software present on the gold standard servers


Using industry-leading tools such as Chef InSpec to validate compliance of new servers. Different profiles were used for different servers – e.g. PCI and non-PCI compliant servers


Validating new non-gold standard servers and completed a knowledge transfer to the company


Presenting a document outlining the findings of the gold standard server inventory


After running over 1,000 verification tests per server, there were issues identified in the new deployment. Our team provided the company with a full understanding of what was being built in their new infrastructure and the right plan of action to take. We reviewed these issues with their team and developed a remediation plan and iterated on the process until a clean execution was completed. The solution guaranteed that the new application servers were identical to existing ‘gold standard’ applications servers. In the end, we successfully provided peace of mind for the business team that their servers were compliant, and risk was mitigated or eliminated.