Leading Auto Manufacturer Uses DevOps to Drive Efficiency


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Takes up to 3 months to deploy a new environments due to labor-intensive manual processes, multiple tools and complex environments.


An application lifecycle management strategy that supports highly-available clustered databases, data aggregation and monitoring tools, business intelligence and analytics platforms and enterprise content management suites.


A total transformation of their underlying infrastructure and operating system configurations resulted in a highly scalable, compliant and agile environment to enable consistent and efficient application delivery.

Infrastructure Transformation Enables Timely Product Delivery

An American multinational automaker has been servicing clients for generations. As an established business for decades, the company amassed hundreds of technologies and platforms that are managed by various teams. It became clear to the company that, to increase relevancy and competitive stance, there needed to be changes in their IT stack and operations to deliver products and services to their customers faster and safer than before. To help them transform, they enlisted Chef and Indellient’s help to drive their DevOps journey.

The Challenge

The largest challenges in rapid innovation for this client are the complex regulations set by the industry combined with the vast number of technologies and differing processes used to manage their supporting infrastructure for new service and product development. The team manages several legacy systems along with Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) applications, increasing complexity. The vastness and complexity of their technology footprint required the dedication of entire teams to manage infrastructure day-to-day and continuously fight fires rather than focusing on new product development.

To push forward, the company started to look at how they can properly empower their teams to successfully execute their product development in a timely fashion.

We brought the company to new levels of efficiency and cost control by upgrading their processes and systems to deliver automation and consistency.


Long Duration to Provision Development Environments


Manual Processes and Inconsistencies Create Waste and Errors


Compliance Maintenance is Labor-Intensive


Software Teams Are Not Properly Enabled

Designing A Solution

The client needed to optimize how they were managing the lifecycle of several applications, improve scalability and transform their underlying infrastructure and operating system configurations.

With the help of Chef tools and our team at Indellient, we brought the company to new levels of efficiency and cost control by upgrading their processes and systems to deliver automation and consistency. Our team worked closely with Chef Architects to optimize how the client was using tools like Chef Automate and introduced Habitat by Chef for greater efficiencies.

With this project, Chef and Indellient helped achieve:


Quickly Provision Environments


Enable Consistent Processes and Reduce Cycle-Time


Reduce Compliance Risk


Improve Work Environment and Innovate Culture

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead The Fortune 10 company is now one step closer to stepping into the future. With expertise from Indellient and Chef, the company will move hundreds of applications to meet modern standards and transform the organization from top to bottom. Together we are refining the overall DevOps pipeline and accelerating application onboarding. What will the client gain at the end of their journey? Thousands of hours per year along with the ability to bring new products and services to market faster at less cost and risk than ever before. Most importantly, they’ll attain peace of mind knowing that their applications are always up to spec. Rain or shine, the client is ready to achieve enterprise agility through a DevOps-first approach.