Join Indellient and its Blue Relay Team at the 2017 PBMI Drug Benefit Conference


Overhead image of the showroom floor during the 2017 PBMI Drug Benefit Conference

Come meet Indellient’s Blue Relay team at the 2017 PBMI Drug Benefit Conference from March 6-8 2017 in Orlando, FL.

Attendees will have the opportunity to get insights from our experts and hear how we are making a positive impact in the health payer industry. Having worked with PBMs for several years, our team has modernized the processes around the member communication lifecycle. What was once a laborious, risk-prone and highly stressful work environment, is now a highly functional ecosystem that properly supports staff, effectively manages large volumes of communications, adapts quickly to change and can sustain growth.

Remove Uncertainty. Move Forward with Clarity and Confidence.

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For our clients, Blue Relay is key to improving process efficiencies, compliance adherence and collaboration. By providing a solution that works within each unique environment, we can continuously improve workflow and processes while also providing full visibility over the entire lifecycle.

Blue Relay’s configurable design can integrate into other legacy systems within the document composition and production workflow; centralizing vast amounts of data organizations work with into one dashboard. Further efficiencies are offered as Blue Relay can automate hand-off tasks between systems. By creating an integrated environment of legacy systems, organizations get the full visibility and clarity they need to succeed. This allows organizations to build more productive, compliant and cost-efficient teams.

Blue Relay is a Proven Solution that Delivers Significant Improvements for PBMs

For one large PBM client, Blue Relay allowed staff to increase workload by over 300 percent without an increase in headcount. The solution significantly reduced the inherent risk in manual processes and the stress of employees.

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Where to Find us at PBMI 

Join us at Booth #108 and learn more about our novel solution.

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