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Bill McNaughton Director of Solution Design

This month we are introducing one of our Directors, Bill McNaughton is the Director of Solution Design Services. Bill has been a part of Indellient since April 2014 and has been a technical manager and mentor since. In his time with Indellient, Bill has supported many employees and helped make business decisions. Learn more about Bill in this months Inside Indellient!

Inside Indellient is a monthly feature where we like to put a spotlight on employees. As a services company we know our best asset is our experts so take the time to get to know our teams!

Tell us more about what you do at Indellient:

“I lead a team of solution designers, business analysts, and product managers in creating cloud-based architectures. Present designs to clients, then work with our project management and development teams to implement.”

What is your favourite part about working at Indellient:

“Working with smart people who are always willing to help each other, and the complete lack of politics and egos (I guess that’s 2 favourite parts 😊), which creates a very supportive and creative environment.”

What advice would you give to someone applying at Indellient?:

“Don’t be shy about meeting people in other teams, either informally during lunch or a break or on a project, you’ll be impressed how everyone is willing to help you learn and grow in some way.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

“I worked in England for 5 years, then spent 6 months traveling around the world, visiting over 30 countries.”

What is the last show you binge-watched?:


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