Indellient to Attend and Present at 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada


Aerial photo of a trade show/conference floor

Big data & analytics has the promise to transform your business. That’s what we hear, that’s what we strive for and that’s also where we struggle. The biggest hurdle is how to get started and even more importantly, how to get started correctly. With several steps throughout the data and analytics journey, it can be difficult to maneuver through each important step.

As we are all in the race to not fall behind, it is also critical to not rush into buying solutions or implementing quickly before understanding the requirements needed to be successful.

The questions are endless. Is your team clear on what your goals are? Are you fully aware of what data you need or the KPIs and metrics required to measure success? Are you equipped with the proper roles (CTOs, data architects, analysts, data scientists, data engineers etc.) and skillsets? Can your team handle the various data points, security needs and more?

That’s where the Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada comes in – to answer all these questions and more. In its fourth year, the conference gathers over 200 thought leaders under one roof to bridge the knowledge gap and help companies hone their data & analytics strategies.

Define Your Big Data and Analytics Roadmap. Bring Yourself to the Next Level of Insights. 

Good data. Bad data. Small data. Big data. We can help you navigate it all. With years of experience, we provide organizations of all sizes the confidence and ability to make the right decisions quickly, ensuring they can navigate through the pace of change.

As a sponsor and presenter, we’ll provide insight and guidance on everything from the importance of eradicating siloes, establishing a data foundation, completing basic analytics to performing highly sophisticated analytics as well as the skills and tools needed (and not needed!) to begin your journey.

We will provide a real look at the challenges you will face, and the key ingredients needed to overcome these in our speaking session on Machine Learning presented by Indellient’s Director of Risk, Analytics, Gordon Uszkay and a special guest speaker from IBM.

Stay ahead of the Big Data & Analytics curve by discussing your needs with like-minded professionals, and get the right facts before making a business-altering decision. Join us on Feb. 7 – 8 to learn how we can help you drive innovation, improve customer experience and increase returns.

About Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada

The 4th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada is your opportunity to stay on top of emerging trends and developments and to source proven strategies from key North American big data players.

Compare leading strategies to your own work and develop a blueprint for a data plan that truly works for your organization. Hear case studies about how to improve your business processes, drive revenues and improve customer loyalty with big data and analytics.

To learn more about the speakers and topics up for discussion, visit the website: