How IT Managed Services Providers Help Prevent IT Support Burnout

Josh Nadeau
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There is no way around it – the last couple of years have been disruptive for businesses in nearly every industry worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged and continues to challenge how organizations respond to significant shifts in their priority setting while creating better viability moving forward.

Those priority shifts have been felt in various areas for businesses over the past couple of years, especially in IT management. As organizations move quickly to adapt to the evolving digital landscape, internal IT teams continue to feel the pressure to keep pace. Whether establishing a remote working infrastructure, improving connectivity, or hardening cloud security, IT teams don’t have a shortage of responsibilities in the wake of a global pandemic.

Over time, however, the pressure felt by internal IT teams to continuously support, monitor, and innovate for the organization can be exhausting and lead to burned-out groups and productivity declines. So how do businesses cope with this reality? 

Here are three ways that hiring a managed IT services provider can help prevent burnout with your IT support teams.

Increased Focus and Resilience

A common symptom of IT team burnout is the reactive decision-making that comes with having too many competing priorities. As the needs of the business shift, day-to-day management tasks tend to stack, causing a seemingly never-ending backlog of assignments. This “chase-the-tail” reality leads many organizations to inadvertently adopt a break/fix approach to their IT management strategy, which reduces agility and distracts teams from being able to focus on their mission-critical priorities. 

Managed IT services providers give internal teams back the focus they need to handle strategic projects and bigger-picture IT components by allowing businesses to offload day-to-day operations, monitoring, and minor updates. Not only does this diversification of IT workloads help companies get more done, but it also ensures a proactive approach to IT management.

Improved Scalability and Sustainability

A challenge that most organizations have been facing as of late is balancing the organization’s IT needs with dynamic staffing budgets. As businesses continue to navigate financial concerns following COVID-19 disruptions, it can be tricky to balance both scalability and sustainability. Unfortunately, this can lead to many companies under- or over-estimating their IT needs, overloading smaller IT teams, and leading to critical gaps in essential infrastructure. 

Working with a managed IT services provider unlocks important staffing flexibility when balancing budgets with the scalability and sustainability goals of the company. Rather than taxing smaller teams with quickly escalating workloads, organizations can lean on managed IT services providers if and when the need arises, allowing them to quickly scale up or down the necessary workloads to keep the business running efficiently.  

Immediate Access to IT Expertise

Another contributing factor to IT team burnout is a heavy reliance on outdated systems and solutions. Partly a result of less-than-manageable workloads and lack of expertise, many internal IT teams still rely on legacy systems to get them through their day-to-day activities. This can quickly present challenges as the digital landscape continues to evolve and both employees and customers require more innovative IT solutions from the organizations they work with. To add to this problem, IT teams typically will need to put some of these projects on hold as they train to receive certifications supporting specific implementations, potentially causing even more delays and frustration to employees and clients.

A primary benefit of working with managed IT services providers is having immediate access to IT expertise in nearly every category. Along with years of industry experience, teams of dedicated IT professionals, and 24×7 availability, managed IT services providers already utilize the latest tools and solutions to get the job done right. This can save high costs when upgrading systems for internal IT teams and help to reduce the staffing and workload necessary to adapt to highly remote working teams, cloud migrations, and other elements of digital transformation.

Burnout in any department can lead to significant long-term sustainability issues for a business, but especially when it’s experienced in such a mission-critical area of an organization. By working with an IT managed services provider, organizations can successfully balance the workloads of their IT teams while being able to access scalable, on-demand solutions for infrastructure management.

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