Getting Started with DevOps Today


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When I think about IT departments of the past, only one word comes to mind: separation. This includes separate workspaces, objectives, and ways of thinking. Thankfully, we have shattered that misconception today by uniting software development teams and breaking down organizational siloes with DevOps best practices.

While there is no step by step guidebook on DevOps – as it is a movement rather than a linear rule – there are many resources at your disposal. Keep reading to see how you can begin your organization’s DevOps transformation.

Plan Your Success

Understanding your infrastructure and defining the application requirements are first and foremost. This involves input from the entire team in order to get on the same page.

Create a Culture of Collaboration

DevOps ceases to exist without people. There is no room for siloes in this rapidly changing and competitive business climate. Shared responsibility, transparency, open communication, and constant feedback should be embedded in your company culture as it is vital to the success of your company’s performance.

Everything as Code

These three words can transform your entire organization. The core principle behind this phrase is that your infrastructure, security, compliance, and operations are all described and treated exactly like application code. This ensures agility while maintaining governance.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Learning to integrate frequently and addressing any bugs in your software on a regular (daily) basis is all part of the DevOps fun. With continuous delivery, code changes are automatically built, tested, and prepared for a release to production.

Trust the Experts

The above principles are key for improving your organization over time – but how do you get past the initial hurdle of getting started?

We help companies manage their pipeline, deliver value at scale and beat out the competition with our customized services and technology partners.

Are You Ready for a DevOps Transformation?

While software continues to eat the world at an ever-increasing pace with DevOps, the challenges and struggles of companies implementing DevOps is very real. We all can overcome these challenges by working together, improving our tools, processes, knowledge and training our workforce.

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