Shift Security Left with Policy as Code

With the Cloud, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) slowly became the best practice for how IT Cloud Architects deploy and manage their infrastructure. As the opportunity to create hyper-scale infrastructures increases with automation, it also brings more c...

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DevOps 101: What is DevOps and Why Should You Care?

DevOps is a culture that is enabled by a set of processes and best practices that focus on the flow of work, continuous learning, and continuous improvement, through making work visible, enabling fast feedback, and cross-team collaboration....

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The Role of DevOps in Cloud Transformation

In a Cloud Transformation project, the business has outlined clear business objectives and clearly defined measures to measure success against. A Cloud Strategy takes these business objectives and translates them into a technical execution strategy t...

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What are the Benefits of GitOps?

GitOps is becoming popular for a very good reason. We discuss some of the benefits of GitOps starting from increased productivity all the way to more reliability....

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