A Simple Guide to Using IBM MQ with Java Messaging Service

In the ever-growing use of microservice architecture, the ability for multiple services to communicate with each other in a fast and asynchronous way is very useful. Using message queues enables two applications to communicate with each other asynchr...

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Integration Patterns Between Cloud and On-Prem Systems

Many enterprises embarking on their cloud transformation journey opt for hybrid cloud implementation. This is typically driven by risk aversion and the desire to minimize future supplier power. Get useful tips for planning your integration architectu...

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What is the Difference Between Cloud and Cloud Native?

New technology comes with new vocabulary, and it's easy to conflate concepts and use words interchangeably. But when it comes to the cloud, detail is crucial because it's a multi-layered, dynamic, and innovative concept – even though many of us tak...

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Solution Design is the Blueprint

Understanding Solution Design (Infographic)

Similarly, a solution designer creates a blueprint of any reasonably complex IT system. The system design not only defines the features and requirements of a solution but also benefits various aspects of an organization....

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