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What are the Benefits of GitOps?

GitOps is becoming popular for a very good reason. We discuss some of the benefits of GitOps starting from increased productivity all the way to more reliability....

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An Introduction to Kubernetes

Kubernetes makes managing Containers easy. Today we discuss Kubernetes: What is it, how does it work, and what are the benefits technically and from a business perspective?...

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Why We Re-Opened the Office

Indellient office doors re-opened August 17th. Employees are allowed the option to work from the office should they feel safe and comfortable...

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Image of Justin Gruber for Employee Spotlight at Indellient

Inside Indellient: Justin Gruber

Inside Indellient is a spotlight series where we take time to introduce our team members. As a Professional Services company, our employees are our greatest asset. Today we introduce Justin Gruber, a Senior Software Developer who has been a part of t...

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