Indellient’s Take on Work-Life Balance

Saying you have a work culture of work-life balance is different from actually encouraging it. Some great approaches Indellient takes include ample Vacation time, multiple work options (from home, office, or hybrid), as well as flexible core working ...

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Closeup photo of a persons hand holding up an orange-red maple leaf, with a sky and trees out of focus in the background

Indellient Attends PROFIT 500 CEO Summit

After 13 years of sustained growth, including all but one of those quarters being profitable, Indellient has exploded onto the national stage and we are excited to be showcasing our successes and sharing our story with the world....

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Top Things You Need to Know About Blue Relay

Many of our long-time users know how valuable Blue Relay is to their document review and approval processes – and an asset to their overall workflow. But for those who haven’t hopped on the gravy train or are still navigating Blue Relay’s many ...

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