Anwar Abu Ghosh: Data Analyst by Day, Masters Student by Night

Anwar Abu Ghoush
Data Analyst

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It’s that time of year where the air is a lot cooler, the drinks are warmer and there are more yellow buses on the roads. That’s right – back to school time!

I never thought I’d fall under the “student” category again – especially since I just completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, Mississauga this past June and was looking forward to some time away from books and studying. Though, life took its course and I decided to carry on my educational pursuits while balancing a full-time gig as a data analyst for Indellient.

The decision to go back to school wasn’t an easy one to make, as pursuing a Master’s is challenging enough, let alone keeping a full-time job intact. Luckily, with support from my manager, encouragement from my family and friends and my own passion to hone my skills in spatial analysis, my decision was made.

How Did I Get Here?

My passion for mathematics and statistics made me explore computer science, and my passion for data and desire to see beyond the raw numbers made me go into data analysis, so my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and working for Indellient just felt right. I also wanted to follow my father’s footsteps, as he also studied computer science.

Here’s Anwar and her parents celebrating her Commencement this past June.

What I’m Hoping to Gain from My Master’s Journey

From a business perspective, I’d like greater exposure into the geographic perspective in understanding our surroundings and behavior as well as a deeper understanding into data analysis, such as learning new methods and techniques which will help me currently and down the road.

From a personal perspective, I’d like to grow exposure for females in the field, break stereotypes, and prove that women can be successful in a male dominated field. It was a wake-up call to see that only 10 per cent of students in my graduating class were female, and I want to see those numbers rise by the time I complete my Masters.

Though I am nervous to begin my new journey, I’m excited about the opportunities waiting for me and incredibly thankful to have a support system that encourages me to pursue my dreams – at work and at home.

I am expected to complete my Masters at Ryerson University by 2019. Wish me luck!

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Anwar Abu Ghoush

Data Analyst