Adam Caromicoli: One of Indellient’s Founding Fathers


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Like our business, our people don’t fit into a cookie-cutter model either, and Indellient’s story can’t be told without them. The Faces of Indellient: Employee Spotlights will feature some of the faces that make up our team – each of whom influence our success.

Adam Caromicoli is more than just Indellient’s Founder and Managing Partner. He’s also an investor (in our people), an inventor (of ideas and services) and a retired taxi driver (to his two children). But most of all, he’s a leader – and has been since the start of Indellient in 2004.

Adam Caromicoli, Managing Partner at Indellient.
Adam Caromicoli, Managing Partner at Indellient.


Earning his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University, as well as a Master’s of Science (ECS) from MIT, Adam has always been interested in algorithms and evaluating data sets.

After a brief stint working on a project for the United States Air Force and Navy, Adam came back to his Canadian homestead to work for a major software lab.

He decided to plant his roots permanently in Toronto, after meeting his future-wife, Caroline, while on a visit.

Though newly married, Adam had a work colleague with whom he spent equal (if not more) time — Indellient’s current Director of Risk, Analytics, Gordon Uszkay. The two sparked a friendship that would lead the way to many business opportunities.

The duo was constantly on the road for two years while working at Lotus Consulting, and decided it was time to venture off into a new phase in their life. They started a new business in 1993 (based on Lotus Notes development, implementation and consulting) and embarked on a future of entrepreneurship.

Indellient in the Making

After the partners sold their business in 1997, Adam took on professional services for IKON Office Solutions and hit the road again. It wasn’t until February of 2004 that Adam decided to team up with his old friends and colleagues who wanted to focus their efforts on something they could call their own.

Fast-forward to 2017, Adam has taken on the sole leadership position guiding Indellient’s 50+ employees. He’s seen the company shift from mostly consulting to a full-roster of services and products including the inception of Indellient’s proprietary software, Blue Relay, in 2010, as well as launch numerous office locations to support growth including the opening of its first US office in New York last year.

Adam and team celebrate Indellient's 10th anniversary.
Adam and Co-Founder, Scott Kowaleski, celebrate Indellient’s 10th anniversary.

“I really like working with people who share the same interests in building technology solutions and are excited about meeting customer needs. The Indellient team loves meeting people who have a positive impact when using our products. Over time, the company culture has taken a life of its own,” he says when asked what makes Indellient so special for him.

When asked what he admires most about this company, his response is simple: “People. You see them grow up, grow and develop right before your eyes.”

So, what do the next 5 years have in store for Adam and his team?

“In the years to come, I would like to see us establish a stronger focus on specific defining capabilities and products (whether it’s Blue Relay or our data analytics capabilities). I can see two more offices in the US, and an even larger team to meet future demands.”

From growing up on a farm in his early years to constantly being on the road, Adam now prefers to spend his free time at the golf course or at a vineyard with his wife of 25 years.

Indellient is a Canadian Software Development Company that specializes in Data Analytics, Cloud Application Development, DevOps Services, and Business Process Management