7 Reasons Why New Graduates Should Join Indellient

Sharna DeJong
People & Culture Coordinator

Congratulations Class of 2022 – you did it! You finally finished up your studies and graduated college or university. Now, it’s time to start your next adventure: your career.

A lot of new graduates have anxiety about finding a job that will satisfy them while leveraging their knowledge. It’s now time to find a job and there are many reasons that make Indellient the best workplace for new graduates.

1. Work Flexibility

Indellient’s work schedule works for all types of new graduates, from the early birds to the late risers. Our core hours are 10 am – 3 pm and our team members can choose when they make up the remaining 3 hours of their workday. Outside of these hours, our team is always willing to be flexible to work with our client’s busy schedules.

Our team members can also choose to work remotely, hybrid, or in person. Our flexible workplace fits perfectly into the dynamic lives of Millennials and Gen Z graduates.

2. Growth Opportunities

Indellient is a great place to start a career because we have a flat organization. Not only is it easy to talk to anyone at any level but we also offer a lot of career growth.

Aesees Bakhshi was a new graduate from the University of Guelph in 2012 when she joined Indellient during her last semester.

“I have discovered a huge sense of perseverance and patience by working at Indellient. I’ve discovered so many wonderful people that I learn from every day. We work hard and we play hard. I came fresh out of university five years ago, and now I feel like I’m a much more responsible adult surrounded by people who inspire me to learn.”

– Aesees Bakhshi, Software Development Manager

Aesees joined Indellient as a Software Developer and Systems Analyst in 2012. She was then promoted to Technical Lead in 2018. She is now a Software Development Manager. Aesees is living proof that if you want your next job to be somewhere you can grow, then Indellient is the place for you.

3. Mentorship Opportunities

Team members at all levels of the organization are easily accessible and happy to help, making it easy for new grads to form mentorship relationships with our senior talent.

Sunny Sharma, Software Development Manager is one of Indellient’s talented managers that new graduates love to work with.

“Having a good manager is very important when starting out your career. At Indellient, you would get both the independence and the guidance to grow and excel in your career.”

– Sunny Sharma, Software Development Manager

4. Interesting Work and Networking Opportunities

As a consulting company that works with Fortune 100 clients, working at Indellient can give new graduates plenty of networking opportunities.

Since Indellient is an end-to-end technology service provider, new graduates gain hands-on exposure to a broad range of technical specialties. We partner deeply with our clients to provide data analytics, machine learning, cloud-native development, and DevOps services.

5. Amazing People

New graduates fit in quickly because we pride ourselves on hiring smart, kind, and supportive team members. We love to work hard and play hard. With our monthly socials like bowling night or charity bike rides, there is plenty of opportunities for new grads to bond with the team.

6. Health and Wellness Benefits

At Indellient we care about our employee’s current and future well-being. After one year at Indellient new graduates can start planning for their future with our RRSP Matching Program. To take care of your physical health we offer $500 to cover a gym membership. To promote mental health Indellient also offers $1000 allocated to mental health services.

7. We Invest in New Graduates

New graduates have endless potential, and they thrive at Indellient because we equip our team members with all the tools they need to succeed. Indellient is supportive of all our team members expanding their knowledge and to promote this we offer $1000 to help cover the costs of classes, conferences, and other resources.

Opportunities on the Horizon

Indellient is a great place to work so take off your graduation cap and check out Career’s page to start your career with Indellient.

Indellient is a Software Development Company that specializes in Data AnalyticsCloud Services, and DevOps Services.

We’re dedicated to creating an encouraging, inclusive, and fruitful work environment for all of our team members. Check out open opportunities on our Careers page.

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