2017 – The Year of Change for Indellient


Photo of an open planner on a wood table, with a small calendar for January and February in the bottom corners of the pages

What a year 2017 was! From new offices, employees, partnerships and opportunities, we really couldn’t be more thankful for a positive year.


We started the year off right by winning a PBMI Excellence award for Quality Improvement for BlueRelay, our software solution that services the health payer industry. It was after witnessing this positive feedback that we decided to revamp the tool to bring even more visibility and efficiency for our clients.

A special treat to celebrate our PROFIT500 win with our team.

Speaking of awards, we were elated to be recognized as a Branham300 Top 250 Canadian ICT Company for the second year in a row! What a thrill it was to celebrate this milestone, as well as ranking on the PROFIT500 list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing companies, with our team.

Special Projects

Being a leader in tech means staying up to date with the latest innovations, and creating new ones. We had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Watson Build competition and created our own cognitive solution that helps solve the problem of clear communication using natural language processing. Though we didn’t win (there’s always next year!) we loved the chance to showcase our capabilities and expand to new markets.

Memorable Conferences

As we’re gearing up for trade show season, we can’t help thinking back to some of the great shows we were part of last year. We had a year of firsts – including our first Insurance Analytics Canada conference where we chatted with insurance professionals and how they can hone their data and analytics strategies. We even created our first industry report from our findings. Can’t wait to attend again this year!

Insurance Analytics Canada Summit 2017.

A few of our team members also attended ChefConf 2017 in Austin, Texas and got Chef certified. Our new partnership with Chef last year has positioned us as leaders in DevOps, and this year our goal is to hone that even further (we’ll be sharing more DevOps news in the very near future).

And we’re not slowing down there. We’re going to sunny Orlando March 5-6 for the 10th annual Medicare Marketing & Sales Innovation Summit and the Big Data & Analytics Canada conference in just a few days,  just to name a few.

Big News

In 2016 we announced the opening of our New York office, and in 2017 we shifted into a sleek and modern WeWork office – getting ready for the new employees that will join our New York team this year.

Speaking of new faces, we were pleased to welcome a new Senior Partner, Nick Romano, towards the end of the year. Nick will spearhead our sales and marketing initiatives and is already shaking things up. And he’s only one of 19 more people that we added to our team last year!

Though we don’t know what new changes and opportunities are in store for 2018, one fact we know for sure is our commitment to our clients and employees and sheer willpower to deliver the best will stay the same.